Indulge yourself in freshly baked assortment of 12 cupcakes safely delivered to your door step from the best bakery in town #shugaa. When it comes to sweets, there are hundreds of desserts to choose from. If you want to eat for the moment, however, the trendiest, most delicious, and most popular dessert right now is cupcakes.

Belgian Chocolate | Red Velvet | Nutty Caramel | Oreo | Vanilla Sprinkle | Blueberry Cream Cheese | Nutella | Cinnamon |Mocha | Rum Truffle |Pineapple coconut | Whiskey Cream

Not only are they delicious, but they’re cute too. They’re the perfect size for a one-person dessert you never feel like you’ve eaten too much. They’re not just for kids anymore; they can be dressed up to be served at the fanciest wedding or dressed down for casual get-togethers. They are portable and easy to serve to a crowd. Everyone gets an equal share, so nobody feels they didn’t get enough. Basically, there’s no reason why someone would want to turn one down. We feel that everyone should eat cupcakes. Even when competing with the likes of Bananas Foster or Crème Brûlée. Cupcakes have a simplistic air that can surprise you with flavours like Belgian chocolate truffle or Blueberry cream cheese. So, if you want to eat something sweet and satisfying, but at the same time “tres chic”, you should be eating cupcakes!