Safely Delivering Baked Happiness to your Doorsteps

Made from Scratch

Every Product made at Shugaa is from scratch. Let’s take the Victoria Sponge for instance, the butter vanilla cake is baked from basic ingredients like, flour, butter & sugar. Fresh strawberries are picked up everyday from the local markets and cooked with a little sugar. All the things are put together to make it into a beautiful Victoria Sponge Cake.

Shugaa + Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. Spreading sweetness was the reason Shugaa was built! Everything that is left at the end of the day is distributed at a night school. Handing over these goodies to the kids at school not only brings a huge smile on their face but also motivates them to come to school everyday.

Made at Home

Cakes and desserts are something that is very personal to every household. Some like is less sweet, some like it more buttery but less creamy. Shugaa has taken control of this with the concept of bake to order! The team only starts baking once the order has been placed and all the customisations have been discussed. This gives you a made at home feel.




Our Hours

Monday – Saturday : 10am – 8pm

Sunday: Closed (Delivery of pre-orders only)