2015-2019: Shugaa, A name that has been known for the past five years. It has been making desserts for weddings, birthdays and corporates. If there is a need for sweet, Shugaa has a list of these. If, it’s not on the list, they will make it for you. Shugaa has been know for delivering excellent baked to order goodies.

2020: Times have changed, everyone at Shugaa is concerned for the wellbeing of their customers, suppliers, employees and other people affected by the company’s operations. The Team has been continuously working to provide a safe, hygienic and sanitary environment for manufacturing and delivery of its products.

PLEDGE: Dessert has a special ability to bring people together. Lets all work towards brining people back into our celebrations and making our special occasions even more special with Shugaa. Let Shugaa deliver baked happiness to your doorsteps.

Stay Safe and team Shugaa will do everything to keep you safe.